The Taleth-Sidhe

1300 years ago, Seanán & Anne died while defeating the Warlock Lorcán. They’d vowed that one life together wasn’t enough, so their love kept trying. But, in each lifetime a curse has kept them apart. This time though, it’s different. This time there’s hope. Seanán has his magic again and can finally break that damn curse. To Anne, the other lifetimes are just dreams. Seanán had thought there was time, that he could ease her into the truth. He was wrong. Lorcán has returned from Hell, and Seanán realizes he’s been a fool. Lorcán doesn’t have his magic, yet, and is forced to rely on mundane weapons which are easily foiled. Seanán should end it now. He could, but he’s angry from lifetimes, of torment. He wants Lorcán to taste some of that torment. Those dark desires nearly cost him his life. It’s Anne who saves him, picking up the sword Lorcán knocked from Seanán’s hand, and with skill that’s lain dormant for centuries, sends Lorcán into retreat. There’s no time left now, Seanán has to tell her everything, and right now. Together they can destroy Lorcán and his Warlocks again, hopefully for good this time.

Ireland, 690 AD. A young Seanán barely escapes his village’s complete destruction. He’s found by Elves and taken to study with the last human of the human magi. Years later, the same dark forces return, looking for him. Hoping to spare his new family the same fate as his first, he flees hoping to lure the darkness away. In his flight he discovers he’s the mythical Taleth-Sidhe, a human born of magic itself. With the help of Anne and Garrett, he must find a weakness to destroy the dark power threatening this world, all while avoiding its attempts to deceive and destroy them. Failure means a world cast into unending darkness, ruled by an evil, other worldly power. Success means this world is safe and the darkness defeated. But that victory may cost them all they value most, and that’s all just the beginning of their tale.

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