Your Baby is Still Ugly

My first blog post was “Your Baby is Ugly” and The New Hampshire Writers’ Project has posted in, with an update, on their website here. It’s been just over a year now, but it was pretty cool to read over the post, which I’m still proud of and think made for  a nice introduction to the world, and also update it. A lot has happened in that year, and I’m quite keen to see where I am a year from now.

On a side note, John Scalzi had a reading for his fantastic new book Lock In at Gibson’s Bookstore in Concord NH. I’m sorry I missed it for a number of reasons. I’d have loved to get to see him in person, to meet him, and to thank him for all he does to share his success and spotlight with other authors. Also, it was my home town. Of course one week later I’ll be doing my very first reading & signing at Gibson’s (9/23 @6pm) and I have to admit, it’s both humbling and terrifying to be following an author of his level, albeit with some delay. However I hope it pushes me to do all that much better of a showing for everyone who shows up. Why don’t you come by and tell me how I do? See what I did there? Clever right? No? Then come and tell me that too.

You can see the event here, or on Facebook here.

New York Comic Con

I’ve been invited to the New York Comic Con as a panelist! I’ll be part of the “Not Your Mother’s Fairy Tales” panel on October 11, 3pm. I’ll be sure to have plenty of swag for anyone who wants it, and will be happy to sign any copies of The Stolen. To be safe, you should probably get a paperback now, you know, so you’ll be sure to have it in time.
Barnes & Noble
You can also order it from your local bookstore, (Indiebound Link) which is good on several counts. First, it’s always good to support your local bookstore. Second, it will help me get the book on the shelf.
If you do have a copy to sign, I’ll have some extra swag for you. Just saying. That being said, I will sign an e-reader if you want, but a book would probably be better.
See you in October New York!

Read an Interview and Win a Signed Copy (And a Surprise Gift)

Ingrid Seymour was kind enough to interview me for her blog, Fiction Bound, and host a giveaway. You can find both here. Do check it out as it was a lot of fun and you can sign up to win a free signed copy of The Stolen.

Did I mention it was free?

Did I mention it was signed?

But wait, there’s more!

Act now and I’ll include a special bonus gift!

No, I won’t tell you what it is, you’ll have to wait and be delighted in surprise when it arrives.

For those who prefer the full link, here it is:

My First Signing/Reading (Gibson’s in Concord NH)

Do you live in NH? Do you live near NH? Have you been looking for a reason to visit NH? Looking for something to do on September 23rd?

Lucky you! I’ll be at Gibson’s Bookstore in Concord at 6pm. I’ll be reading from The Stolen, if you have a favorite part let me know in the comments. I’ll also be signing copies. Don’t have one? As it happens, there will be copies available there, and I do encourage you to pick one up. If you have one already, get one for a friend, that’s what a real friend would do. Of course there will also be plenty of other books by great authors there, and it’s always good to support an author you like.

So come and say hi, and bring everyone you know, and everyone they know, and all their family. It would be really awkward if no one shows up, so don’t let that happen. I’ll even have some fun things to give away!

You can see the event here, or on Facebook here.

Want to know the etiquette for attending an event? Here’s a handy link by some authors you might have heard of. Event Etiquette

Two “BIG” Annoucements!

1. Today The Stolen goes on sale in paperback! You can get a copy at your local bookstore, or from: HarperCollins, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Indiebound.

2. I’ve got a post on John Scalzi’s blog, part of his “Big Idea” series! Do stop by and check it out, the poor guy could really use the extra traffic… (MASSIVELY sarcastic)

That’s right, I’m now a “Paperback Writer.” And yes, I’ve been waiting a long time to use that!

Something for Nothing, Almost – Updated

One week from today The Stolen will be available in paperback. To mark the occasion, I’m giving away two signed copies, before you can even get it in stores!
But I hear you asking, “Bishop, what do we have to do to receive such a rare and precious gift?” I’m glad you asked. Three simple steps (it is a faerie tale after all):

*Update* I’ve come to see I might’ve asked too much being an unknown to people at this point, so if you complete just one of the following, or fan me on Goodreads, I’ll put you in the running. This is NOT limited to the USA*

  1. Follow me on twitter @BishopMOConnell
  2. Follow this blog (you can do so via email if you don’t have a WordPress account) use the button to the right, under “categories”
  3. Like my Facebook page, here

That’s all you need to do!
Wednesday Thursday afternoon I’ll announce the winners, chosen at random.

If you’ve already done those three things, just send me a tweet saying “I want a book!”


You know you want one…

It’s Official! (Dreams do Come True)

As of today, I’m a published author!


It took a long while to get here, but then any dream worth achieving takes time and effort. I’ve been posting about my road to publication, and it could be argued this is the end, but I don’t think so. As cliche as it might be, this is really just the beginning for me (I hope!).

Harper Voyager made a sizeable web preview available here, so feel free to “try before you buy.”

Of course the paperback is still scheduled for release on August 5th, but I know you can’t wait that long. It’s okay, you can get both. I’ll understand.

Stayed tuned here for upcoming events; interviews, guest blog pieces, and even in person signings. Speaking of which, be sure to stop by The Qwillery and check out my first interview (direct link here)! While you’re there, be sure to vote in the 2014 Debut Author Cover Challenge Wars!

I’ll also have a giveaway for a signed copy of The Stolen before anyone can even buy it!

Now, if you’ll excuse, I have a happy dance calling my name.