I’m a Featured Author!

Have you ever heard of drey’s library? No? Well you should really check it out. She has a ton of great reviews, interviews, and some giveaways. Also, if you need another reason,  I’m her featured author in January! So clearly she has exceptional taste as well. Right now there is an interview up, and I’ll be doing a couple of guest posts through the month. The interview was a lot of fun. You can read it here.

Making Fantasies Come True

On Wednesday, Jan 14th, I’ll be doing a signing at The Fountain Bookstore in Richmond VA (6:30pm). I’ll be appearing with David B. Coe, aka D.B. Jackson, author of the Theiftaker series. I’ve read the first book and it’s a great read!
This event looks to be one to remember, and I’m sure great fun will be had by all. You should all come, and bring anyone you’ve ever met. Yes, even Kevin from accounting. I know how he is, but everyone deserves some fun, even Kevin. There will be not one, but two authors and the only thing more fun than that is a barrel of monkeys, and only Capuchin monkeys. Everyone knows they’re the most fun.

The Fountain Bookstore, 1312 E. Cary Street, 6:30pm. Be there, or live forever in regret.

Up Against the Ropes

The voting for The Qwillery Debut Author Cover of the Year was set to end on Jan 4th, and thanks to friends and supporters, The Stolen had been in the lead. However, voting has been extended to the 9th and The Stolen (which undoubtedly has the best cover of the group) has slipped to third place. I admire and give kudos to the two other who have rallied hard and pushed by me….but now it’s time to retake the lead. I’m not to proud to beg, and beg I shall. I need every vote I can get. You can vote on the same device every couple of days, and each device (usually) allows another vote. So please, pretty please with sugar on top, vote for The Stolen. Get your family to vote for The Stolen. Get your friends, your neighbors, your coworkers, that strange guy you pass on the street, and even your pets to vote! If we pull this off and win, I’ll be hosting another giveaway for signed copies of The Stolen, three copies, and that includes international entries. So, help me out. Go vote! Vote early, vote often, then vote again!

Debut Author Challenge Cover Wars


This Means War!

In July, I won The Qwillery‘s debut author cover war. Now the winners for each month are competing for the best of 2014. We all know the cover of The Stolen is the best, so let’s make it official, shall we? Sure, you could vote for someone else, but really, why would you want to?
Vote here! Vote often! Have your friends vote! Have your family vote! Get strangers to vote!


Happy December 23rd

Today you get a two-fer! First a reminder I’ll be at the Barnes & Noble in Santee CA from 12pm to 2pm. You can get a copy of The Stolen signed, or I’ll sign someone else’s book if that’s your thing. I’ll have some neat stuff to give away, and if you get there early, I’ll even have cookies! Come and say hi.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled Advent Blog. Today I’m going traditional. I’m not overtly religious, but there some carols I think are truly beautiful. Carol of the Bells is one of those songs. This version even comes with a rather spectacular light show!

O Holy Night is another song that I find almost haunting, especially when sung by a children’s choir.

Christmas Time Events And Beyond

So I’ll be in San Diego over Christmas and I’ll also be doing some events while I’m there! Are you in the area? Do you think a west coast Christmas sounds nice? Stop by and see me!

Or if you live near Richmond VA, I’ll be doing an event there in January.

You can get all the details here.

If you can’t make it to any of those events, that’s okay. You can get a signed copy of The Stolen from the nice people at Gibson’s Bookstore. You can visit their store, or if you don’t live near NH, you can visit their webpage, or call them (603-224-0562). They’ll sell you a signed copy and happily send it to you. There will even be a little extra something for the first few people who order!

Interviewed By Katherine Harbour

I interviewed Katherine Harbour back in July (you can read it here) and reviewed her book Thorn Jack in September (which you can read here). Katherine was kind enough to invite me for an interview as well, which she posted on her site, It’s All About Story (direct link to interview here). While you’re there, take a look at the other great stuff she has posted on her site.

Super Deal on The Stolen (ebook)


To celebrate a great time at the New York ComicCon (a summation of which is forthcoming) for a limited time, two weeks to be exact, you can get The Stolen on ebook for only $.99 everywhere that sells ebooks. I’ve included links below so you can get it in your preferred format for your device of choice. Have a copy? Buy one for a friend! Buy one for someone you want to be your friend! Buy it for a stranger and make a new friend! Or just keep a copy handy to read so you can save the signed copy you picked up pristine on your shelf. Don’t have a signed copy? Gibson’s in Concord NH can help with that here! Pick it up now and you’ll be ready for the next book in the series, The Forgotten.

Barnes & Noble
Google Play

Meet My Main Character Blog Hop

Welcome to the Meet My Main Character blog hop!

I want to thank Katherine Harbour, author of Thorn Jack for inviting me. Her novel is also a modern faerie tale, and one I really enjoyed. I reviewed it here, interviewed Katherine here. You can find Thorn Jack online at the usual providers: Barnes & Noble, direct from Harper Collins, Amazon, iTunes, Google, Indiebound, and Audible.

First, some context:

My novel, The Stolen, began as a short story based on the poem “The Stolen Child” by W.B. Yeats, but with a twist. My initial backdrop was a world where all of the monsters we knew were real, but not quite as we believed. Vampires, werewolves, demons, and zombies were, in fact, faeries. The passing of time had warped our collective human memory of them into the pantheon of urban fantasy monsters that we know today. That idea didn’t last. I didn’t want to make another vampire book. I wanted something of my own. My short story’s plot was sound, but the child-stealing faeries needed some kind of transformation, and that was when I decided the key would be change.

Faeries are static in most stories, never developing or growing past their mythic origins. It made sense to me that if they lived alongside humanity—which mine would, though hidden in plain sight—they’d be impacted and shaped by our influence. For example, why use magic when technology is easier and readily accessible? So, my faeries became urban faeries. They didn’t ride horses or carry bows. They drove sports cars; had guns, cell phones, and stock portfolios; and owned night clubs.

For the characters in The Stolen, I knew that I wanted to keep, at least somewhat, to tradition. That meant archetypes and I settled on a wizard, a warrior, and a princess. Like my faeries though, I wanted them to be real, not stuck in idealized notions.

For the warrior, I took the myth of the Fianna and brought it to the modern age. Brendan is strong and fast. But, after a living a long life of violence, he’s also scarred and haunted. It would be impossible to not be. He’s a good man, but the shadows from his past continue to haunt him. He serves a guide to the hidden world, aware equally of the wonder and the danger it presents.

Now the wizard: not inept, not all-powerful, but fully, utterly human. Edward would be a stand-in for me and my fellow fantasy geeks; the answer to our wishes of being a hero in a fantasy book. Be careful what you wish for! He knows magic exists, as do all kinds of fantastical creatures, but he’s never encountered them outside a book. He quickly learns that reading about grizzly bears is one thing, standing in front of one in the wild is quite another. That meant he would need a reason not to run away screaming like a squeamish kid being chased by a bully with a slug.

Enter the princess. And then forget everything you know about princesses, because Caitlin certainly isn’t one. Caitlin is a single mother whose knowledge of faeries and magic extends as far as Disney movies and the stories her immigrant grandparents told her. She can’t hurl magic or wield a sword, and she isn’t “the one” mentioned in any prophecy. Her only super power is the ability to make a little girl laugh, and give that child a good life. When Fiona is kidnapped, Caitlin has a reason to face a dark and terrifying reality, but she’s lacking in the skills to survive it. That means trusting others, which seems like a simple thing, but is it really? Even parents of a child kidnapped by a human monster must bristle at the thought of trusting the authorities to rescue their baby. And those are entities we’ve been taught to rely on in desperate situations. Trusting strangers and a friend who hasn’t been honest would be a nightmare of its own.

These are my main characters. I didn’t choose just one as the main character because each of them depends on the other. With any of them missing, the story would not only fail, but so would they in their goals. I didn’t intend to write a story with multiple main characters, but those kinds of surprises are what make writing so much fun.

The God HunterI’m inviting Tim Lees, author of The God Hunter: A Field Ops Novel. Tim is a British author now living in Chicago. He is a regular contributor to Interzone, Black Static, and other titles. He is the author of the much praised novel, “Frankenstein’s Prescription.” See more of Tim Lees here.

My First Event, the Afterglow – (Also, How to Order a Signed Copy of The Stolen)

I had my first reading for The Stolen on September 23rd at Gibson’s Bookstore in Concord, NH. They were wonderful and utterly gracious hosts. I’d like to say the turnout was massive, that people were packed in and Gibson’s ran out of books. However, I’m a new author so that would’ve been an unrealistic expectation. I think I provided some entertainment to the people who did come and perhaps intrigued those who were not attending but were shopping for other books. It is a fantastic bookstore, and if you’re within driving distance, you really should check the store out.

After the event, I did sign extra copies and they are available to order. You can either call them at (603) 224-0562 or you can order them online here. For the first few to order, there will be a little surprise included as well. Since Gibson’s is my local bookstore, I’ll be stopping in to replenish the supply of signed copies, so there should always be some available. They make excellent birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah, anniversary, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, apology, Festivus, Comic Book Day, Drink a Beer Day, International Translation Day, or Virus Appreciation Day gifts, or just because. If you want to make sure you’re getting a signed copy, you can call and the very nice people there will help you out.

I’ve updated the page for The Stolen to include a link to Gibson’s, here. It might be easier and more convenient to order from a larger online retailer, but independent bookstores are a treasure, and it’s a wonderful thing to support them. They aren’t just places to buy books, or local businesses, they’re also a vital and vibrant part of the world of books. They give new authors like myself a place to have events before we have huge fan bases, and of course provide local venues for bigger names as well. Sure, it’s more convenient to go to a website and click (which you can do for most Indie Bookstores as well), but there’s something special about going to a bookstore, walking through the shelves and finding a new book you might not otherwise have, or maybe rediscovering an old favorite you’d forgotten about and want to share with others.