Happy St. Patrick’s Day

I have to admit, I don’t usually celebrate St. Patrick’s like most people. I figure I get the joy and pleasure of being Irish all year long, the least I can do is give everyone else this one day. So go, enjoy, but please be safe and smart about it.

Now, to celebrate in a proper way, an Irish way, here’s some music! This first song is one I imagine being played over the opening credits of the movie of The Stolen.

This is a song that still moves me when I listen to the lyrics, though I’ve heard it a thousand times. I liked it so much, I even mentioned it in The Stolen. When you’re in your cups, celebrating with friends and enjoying life, lift a glass in memory of all those that didn’t boarded a ship with nothing but hope and hunger, and never saw the shores of North America.

“on a coffin shape, I came here, but  never made never even got so far that they could change my name.”