Luna and the Star

Daniel Timmons’s entire world ended with the death of his beloved wife, Annabelle, in a car accident that happened while he was at the wheel. After her funeral, he struggles to recover from his injuries and find purpose without the love of his life. But, that struggle gets complicated when he begins seeing her again. He doesn’t know if she’s an angel, ghost, or hallucination, but when she appears, she is as real as he is. The moments with her are his reprieve from grief, but when she leaves, it’s like losing her all over again. Then, in a recently purchased piece of used furniture, Daniel finds an envelope address “to Daddy.” Inside is a collection of photos and a fantastical children’s story titled “Luna and the Star,” written by two young girls dying of leukemia. Knowing their father will be left alone, because their mother died when they were five years old, they wrote the story to give him comfort after they were gone. It’s obvious to Daniel that the father never found the envelope. In a desperate attempt to find purpose, or at least ease someone else’s grief, Daniel sets out to find the father with only the few snapshots to guide him. Daniel isn’t looking for the reason for Annabelle’s death, he knows there isn’t one. But, perhaps those two young girls, and their father, can help Daniel figure out how to go on when he’s lost what matters to him most.

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