The Forgotten Paperback Release Date (and CondorCon)

The Forgotten_Cover_Small

For those of you anxiously awaiting the paperback release of The Forgotten…well, you have to keep waiting, but now you have a date. The paperback will be released 4-14-15. Mark your calendar and pre-order now to beat the rush and prevent disappointment at it being sold out.

Barnes & Noble

Also, as for those of you in San Diego, because you clearly could not get enough of me, I’ll be attending Condor Con this year. I don’t know yet what I’ll be doing there, but I can assure you that when not otherwise occupied you’ll be able to find me at the Mysterious Galaxy booth. Stop by and say hi, and get a copy of The Stolen. I’ll even sign it for you, or any other book you might like signed by me.

Making Fantasies Come True

On Wednesday, Jan 14th, I’ll be doing a signing at The Fountain Bookstore in Richmond VA (6:30pm). I’ll be appearing with David B. Coe, aka D.B. Jackson, author of the Theiftaker series. I’ve read the first book and it’s a great read!
This event looks to be one to remember, and I’m sure great fun will be had by all. You should all come, and bring anyone you’ve ever met. Yes, even Kevin from accounting. I know how he is, but everyone deserves some fun, even Kevin. There will be not one, but two authors and the only thing more fun than that is a barrel of monkeys, and only Capuchin monkeys. Everyone knows they’re the most fun.

The Fountain Bookstore, 1312 E. Cary Street, 6:30pm. Be there, or live forever in regret.

Christmas Time Events And Beyond

So I’ll be in San Diego over Christmas and I’ll also be doing some events while I’m there! Are you in the area? Do you think a west coast Christmas sounds nice? Stop by and see me!

Or if you live near Richmond VA, I’ll be doing an event there in January.

You can get all the details here.

If you can’t make it to any of those events, that’s okay. You can get a signed copy of The Stolen from the nice people at Gibson’s Bookstore. You can visit their store, or if you don’t live near NH, you can visit their webpage, or call them (603-224-0562). They’ll sell you a signed copy and happily send it to you. There will even be a little extra something for the first few people who order!

My First Event, the Afterglow – (Also, How to Order a Signed Copy of The Stolen)

I had my first reading for The Stolen on September 23rd at Gibson’s Bookstore in Concord, NH. They were wonderful and utterly gracious hosts. I’d like to say the turnout was massive, that people were packed in and Gibson’s ran out of books. However, I’m a new author so that would’ve been an unrealistic expectation. I think I provided some entertainment to the people who did come and perhaps intrigued those who were not attending but were shopping for other books. It is a fantastic bookstore, and if you’re within driving distance, you really should check the store out.

After the event, I did sign extra copies and they are available to order. You can either call them at (603) 224-0562 or you can order them online here. For the first few to order, there will be a little surprise included as well. Since Gibson’s is my local bookstore, I’ll be stopping in to replenish the supply of signed copies, so there should always be some available. They make excellent birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah, anniversary, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, apology, Festivus, Comic Book Day, Drink a Beer Day, International Translation Day, or Virus Appreciation Day gifts, or just because. If you want to make sure you’re getting a signed copy, you can call and the very nice people there will help you out.

I’ve updated the page for The Stolen to include a link to Gibson’s, here. It might be easier and more convenient to order from a larger online retailer, but independent bookstores are a treasure, and it’s a wonderful thing to support them. They aren’t just places to buy books, or local businesses, they’re also a vital and vibrant part of the world of books. They give new authors like myself a place to have events before we have huge fan bases, and of course provide local venues for bigger names as well. Sure, it’s more convenient to go to a website and click (which you can do for most Indie Bookstores as well), but there’s something special about going to a bookstore, walking through the shelves and finding a new book you might not otherwise have, or maybe rediscovering an old favorite you’d forgotten about and want to share with others.

Your Baby is Still Ugly

My first blog post was “Your Baby is Ugly” and The New Hampshire Writers’ Project has posted in, with an update, on their website here. It’s been just over a year now, but it was pretty cool to read over the post, which I’m still proud of and think made for  a nice introduction to the world, and also update it. A lot has happened in that year, and I’m quite keen to see where I am a year from now.

On a side note, John Scalzi had a reading for his fantastic new book Lock In at Gibson’s Bookstore in Concord NH. I’m sorry I missed it for a number of reasons. I’d have loved to get to see him in person, to meet him, and to thank him for all he does to share his success and spotlight with other authors. Also, it was my home town. Of course one week later I’ll be doing my very first reading & signing at Gibson’s (9/23 @6pm) and I have to admit, it’s both humbling and terrifying to be following an author of his level, albeit with some delay. However I hope it pushes me to do all that much better of a showing for everyone who shows up. Why don’t you come by and tell me how I do? See what I did there? Clever right? No? Then come and tell me that too.

You can see the event here, or on Facebook here.

New York Comic Con

I’ve been invited to the New York Comic Con as a panelist! I’ll be part of the “Not Your Mother’s Fairy Tales” panel on October 11, 3pm. I’ll be sure to have plenty of swag for anyone who wants it, and will be happy to sign any copies of The Stolen. To be safe, you should probably get a paperback now, you know, so you’ll be sure to have it in time.
Barnes & Noble
You can also order it from your local bookstore, (Indiebound Link) which is good on several counts. First, it’s always good to support your local bookstore. Second, it will help me get the book on the shelf.
If you do have a copy to sign, I’ll have some extra swag for you. Just saying. That being said, I will sign an e-reader if you want, but a book would probably be better.
See you in October New York!

My First Signing/Reading (Gibson’s in Concord NH)

Do you live in NH? Do you live near NH? Have you been looking for a reason to visit NH? Looking for something to do on September 23rd?

Lucky you! I’ll be at Gibson’s Bookstore in Concord at 6pm. I’ll be reading from The Stolen, if you have a favorite part let me know in the comments. I’ll also be signing copies. Don’t have one? As it happens, there will be copies available there, and I do encourage you to pick one up. If you have one already, get one for a friend, that’s what a real friend would do. Of course there will also be plenty of other books by great authors there, and it’s always good to support an author you like.

So come and say hi, and bring everyone you know, and everyone they know, and all their family. It would be really awkward if no one shows up, so don’t let that happen. I’ll even have some fun things to give away!

You can see the event here, or on Facebook here.

Want to know the etiquette for attending an event? Here’s a handy link by some authors you might have heard of. Event Etiquette