Free Copies of Three Promises!


Continuing the giveaways I’ve doing, I’m giving away 11 copies of Three Promises. All you have to do is post a comment below (make sure to use your email) and I’ll email you your free Amazon code. If more than 11 people comment, I’ll randomly choose the winners! 

13 thoughts on “Free Copies of Three Promises!

    • I just started reading The Returned today. Love your books and would luv a free copy of Three Promises if they’re still available.
      I am a follow San Diegian


      • I do still have a couple left. You should be getting the link in your email shortly. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy Three Promises! Oh, and make a Rubio’s run for me!


  1. I love these books!!!! I have read, The Stolen, The Forgotten, Three Promises, and The Forgotten six times each now. They are one of the best “Fae” series I have ever read. The are written so well I forget I am even reading. When does the next book come out??? What happens in the Tir with Brendan? And does Ciye come back? Not to mention WRAITH!!! I have got to know what happens next. I haven’t felt this way since I read the Shannara Series. Please don’t keep me in suspense much longer.


    • Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed the books, and continue to. šŸ™‚ there will be more to come, but unfortunately I dont know when. The next book (Titled The Broken) is about 1/3 done with the first draft. I’ll probably be publishing it myself, but I’ll post something here when it does go live. Since your such a fan. Here’s some not to spoilery bits:
      Brendan makes a return as a central character and you find out the impact of him having taken over the Dusk Lands.
      Wraith is pushed to the breaking point with the government and what it’s done to slingers and fifties. She is going to push back.
      Some new Cruinnigh members will make an appearance as well.
      Thanks for this comment. It is always heartening when I find out about fans out there šŸ™‚


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