The New Year

It’s that time when we say goodbye to one year and welcome in the new. We mark this occasion with resolutions to change and improve our lives, many of which fall by the wayside, just stop by a gym now and again in six months. But the problem is resolutions have been reduced to something akin to a punchline. I won’t be doing that this year. It’s too easy to slide back into old ways of doing things, even when we know they aren’t good for us, and might even self-destructive. Sometimes, the only way forward is to never, ever look back. Life is too short, each moment far too precious to waste them on things that are needless, or even toxic. It’s also important to remember very few of us live in a vacuum. The choices and decisions we make can and will impact those who are most important to us. I’m done wasting the moments I have, done letting them slip by and letting those choices hurt those who are important, truly important, to me. Be it losing weight so you’ll be healthy and can live a long life with those who love you, leaving that job you hate, finally pursuing that long held dream, or something deeper and much more personal, now is the time. Today. This moment. And that’s easy to say, right? Which is why I think you need to make every moment that moment. It’s too easy for life to get in the way, for excuses and justifications to be made and that’s how you find yourself back where you’ve always been. So remind yourself constantly what is truly important in your life; the reasons you’re making this change. Hold on to that and never let go, never look back.

It’s a new year, a day, and we can all be the person we most want to be. Make that choice, even it’s one you should’ve made a long time ago, make it now and keep hold of it. And what if you’re not ready to make that change? Well first, be honest with yourself and everyone around you. But if the change is something important, get help in whatever form you need. Just don’t lie to yourself or to anyone else. If you do, there’s no going forward. Don’t waste another of the precious moments you have left. They can quickly add up and become days, weeks, and even years. I for one am done with losing any more time I could be spending on what matters.