A Holiday Moment

This has been a pretty amazing year for me. This year I released two books, The Forgotten and Three Promises. I attended C2E2 (Chicago). I’ve done signings, and met lots of really cool people, including some authors I really admire: John Scalzi, Jim Butcher, and Patrick Rothfuss to name a few you might recognize. There are others you might not know, but it was just as cool meeting them: Kelley Grant, Alex Gordon, Lexie Dunne, and Harry Heckel. Though to be fair, I met those last two last year, but I did see them again this year. I was accepted into the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America, and saw my group of Harper Voyager Impulse friends grow. Add to that, I’ve been invited to Emerald City Comic Con, RavenCon, and most recently to MidAmericaCon II (WorldCon). One of the most fulfilling things I did was participate in the WorldBuilders charity auction and fundraiser, which raised a staggering $1,275,170 (yes, MILLION) to help fight world hunger and poverty. My part was a small one, but the great thing about groups like that is that it only happens by countless small part players coming together. I hope to participate again, and if you helped along the way, thank you. You can read Pat’s thoughts on it here.

So yes, this has been a remarkable year. Much of it wouldn’t be possible without the readers who bought my books, and continue to buy them. So to you, all of you, I also say thank you. Every author, every artist, every person in fact, finds success in life because of one person. There just tend to be a lot of those one persons (yes, I know I that isn’t grammatically correct. Artistic license). I hope all of you also had a year filled with more smiles and laughs than tears. I hope this holiday season—no matter what you celebrate, or even if you celebrate nothing at all—is filled with joy and light, friends, family, love and hope. Thank you all. Every time one of you has bought one of my books, you’ve given me an amazing gift, you’re helping me live a dream. In fact, every book you buy does that for someone, somewhere. On behalf of us all, thank you, a thousand times thank you. Here’s to you, to us all, and to a brighter year ahead.



And to keep a tradition going, here’s a little music for you to enjoy.

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