Cover Reveal – Three Promises

It has arrived, the day you’ve been waiting for! Here is the stunning cover for Three Promises, the third installment in the American Faerie Tale Series.

This is a book I’m very proud of. It’s a collection of short stories, each giving you a deeper look into some of the characters as well as answering some lingering questions. The ebook is scheduled for release December 8th, 2015, with the paperback shortly there after. I’ll be posting about an exclusive giveaway for pre-ordering the paperback. I’ve been careful to make each book in the series stand on it’s own, so you don’t need to read the preceding books to enjoy any other. It goes without saying though that you’ll get more out of the books if you do read them in order. So, if you haven’t already, there is time to read The Stolen and The Forgotten before Three Promises arrives. Click any of the links to pick them up from your favorite retailer, or signed copies from The Fountain Bookstore (who ships worldwide).

Because one of the stories is spoilery, I didn’t include the cover copy (back cover text) here. However, if you click here, or any of the previous Three Promises links, it will take you there.

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