Adventures in Being a New Author: Part 2

In my last post, Adventures in Being a New Author: Part 1, I talked about hearing from fans and politely begged you to spread the word when you like a book. Seriously, do it.

Okay, moving on. In this post, I want to talk about something else exceedingly cool about being a published author. Namely, getting to meet other authors. Sure, lots of people have met authors at a convention, or a literary event, etc. But it really is something different when you’re meeting them as a professional peer. Never mind the fact that actually being a professional peer is mind blowing in and of itself. For example *clear throat* Holy &#%, I’m published by the same publisher as George R.R. Martin, Neil Gaiman, and Tolkien! So is it different meeting an author as a fellow author rather than as a fan. In short, yes, yes it is. That’s not to say that authors don’t sincerely enjoy meeting fans, I haven’t met one who doesn’t. But when you give that secret handshake—wait, did I say that? Why would I say that. There isn’t a secret author handshake. What? There isn’t, stop asking. I don’t care what you saw, I said there isn’t. Move on already!

Where was I? Oh, right. Meeting an author as an author is different. Call it professional courtesy, or just a sense of camaraderie. Sometimes it’s a matter of sitting on a panel with them, and then doing a signing afterwards. Except for the most popular authors, it’s rarely a long and constant line for the hour you’re sitting there. So you talk, and get to know people. Other times it’s crossing paths with another author at a event and just sharing a few minutes. And yes, there is a bit of being part of a club that isn’t easy to get into. I said there’s no secret handshake!

I’ve gotten to meet a number of great authors, and I have yet to meet one who isn’t down to earth, and nice as can be. I’m sure there are exceptions to that, but I haven’t met them yet. Obviously, not everyone is a published author, or can make it to an event to meet their favorite author, or find someone new. So, I’ve reached out to some of the authors I’ve met (and by that I mean in person) and see if they’d be willing to do an interview here. I haven’t heard back yet from all of the message I’ve put out, but I have had some. You might recognize some of the authors, and some might be new to you. Either way, I hope you enjoy meeting them as much as I did, and that you check out their book(s).

My first interview will be with an author I first met at the New York Comic Con, then again at C2E2. She’s also with Harper Voyager, and was selected via the open submission. Tune in sometime during the next week or so to check out my interview with Lexie Dunne.

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