The Forgotten is Now Available!

The Forgotten_Cover_Small

The day has finally arrived! The Forgotten is now available, on ebook at least. For those of you waiting for the paperback edition, you’ll need to wait a bit longer (April 14th). And yes, the fact my book is being released on Saint Patrick’s Day is quite possibly the coolest thing ever. The fact the paperback is being released the day before taxes are due is a little less so, but maybe you should just think of it as something to look forward to that week.

And as a special treat, here’s the book trailer:

I can hear your questions now:
What’s with the math? Read the book.
What about the “bang” at the end? Read the book.
Where can you buy it? I’m glad you asked!

Barnes & Noble
Google Play

Paperback (4/14/25):
Barnes & Noble

2 thoughts on “The Forgotten is Now Available!

  1. You’ve definitely peaked my interest! I bought it on Amazon… also bought The Stolen… I am behind in reads and reviews, but as soon as I can get to them, I will read/review on Amazon, Goodreads and my own review blog… so excited!


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