Up Against the Ropes

The voting for The Qwillery Debut Author Cover of the Year was set to end on Jan 4th, and thanks to friends and supporters, The Stolen had been in the lead. However, voting has been extended to the 9th and The Stolen (which undoubtedly has the best cover of the group) has slipped to third place. I admire and give kudos to the two other who have rallied hard and pushed by me….but now it’s time to retake the lead. I’m not to proud to beg, and beg I shall. I need every vote I can get. You can vote on the same device every couple of days, and each device (usually) allows another vote. So please, pretty please with sugar on top, vote for The Stolen. Get your family to vote for The Stolen. Get your friends, your neighbors, your coworkers, that strange guy you pass on the street, and even your pets to vote! If we pull this off and win, I’ll be hosting another giveaway for signed copies of The Stolen, three copies, and that includes international entries. So, help me out. Go vote! Vote early, vote often, then vote again!

Debut Author Challenge Cover Wars


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