My First Signing/Reading (Gibson’s in Concord NH)

Do you live in NH? Do you live near NH? Have you been looking for a reason to visit NH? Looking for something to do on September 23rd?

Lucky you! I’ll be at Gibson’s Bookstore in Concord at 6pm. I’ll be reading from The Stolen, if you have a favorite part let me know in the comments. I’ll also be signing copies. Don’t have one? As it happens, there will be copies available there, and I do encourage you to pick one up. If you have one already, get one for a friend, that’s what a real friend would do. Of course there will also be plenty of other books by great authors there, and it’s always good to support an author you like.

So come and say hi, and bring everyone you know, and everyone they know, and all their family. It would be really awkward if no one shows up, so don’t let that happen. I’ll even have some fun things to give away!

You can see the event here, or on Facebook here.

Want to know the etiquette for attending an event? Here’s a handy link by some authors you might have heard of. Event Etiquette

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