Hobbes and Bacon

Something for everyone this Thanksgiving (in the United States). I’m a big fan of Calvin and Hobbes, have been since I was a kid. Like most fans, I dearly miss the rumbustious kid. There are countless, well, let’s call them tribute pieces, out there. Some are aren’t so good, others are excellent. Here’s one such example of the latter I enjoyed too much not to share. If you click on each of the four strips, it will take you to original posting of each (www.pantsareoverrated.com is the parent web page).

There’s room for debate about the benefit of showing Calvin as a grown up. I enjoyed these specific cartoons, and some others I didn’t share, but the more I found and read, the more I realized how important it is that Calvin stays six-years-old forever. He represents the child in us all, the one that can’t, and shouldn’t, ever grow up. Especially for those moments when you want to be creative, you need to let your own Calvin run wild, or Spaceman Spiff, or Tracer Bullet (the PI), or Stupendous Man. When you’ve written something you really love, and you’re really proud of, odds are it was the six-year-old inside you running free.





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