If you write one great poem in your lifetime, you’ve written a lifetime of great poetry.

I don’t remember where I first heard or read that, but I’ve always liked it. I write fiction: novels and short stories. But, that wasn’t always the case. I expressed my first real passion for writing through poetry. I don’t write it nearly as frequently as I once did, though I do occasionally still feel the touch of inspiration. I don’t know as I’ve written anything truly great, but I do have a few poems that I’m quite proud of. I’ve posted quite a bit about the things I’ve learned on my journey to become a published writer, but no actual examples of my writing. I’m polishing a couple of short stories that I intend to post, but in the meantime, I thought I’d share a couple of my favorite poems. I know poetry isn’t for everyone, but even if it isn’t your cup of tea, perhaps something in it will touch you.


Of the night we met

He stands, a grand stance
In bland, drab room
In a manner of ageless fashion
A soul in soulless skies
Oxymoronic fashion keeps movements small
Be grand, be real
Don’t try
And for god’s sake, don’t lose

She stands, a small frame
For the portrait around her
She’s lost in the bustle, too quiet
Too sure
Her movements small and suddenly real
In a moment of grandness
Don’t move
Don’t let him leave

They meet
In a blend of delicate textures
Scents, sounds, reality
A rose is unreal
In a bland room
The portrait she frames
He tries
She moves
He doesn’t leave, she doesn’t lose
The portrait shatters
The world stops for a moment
Suddenly a blank page
For him to fill, and her to frame


Memoirs of the hopeless…romantic

Coffee-stained chronicles
And tear-smeared dreams
A haunted dream
Filled with whispering voices
Coffeehouse whispers, or no whispers at all
They sing a silent hymn to the forgotten gods of ancient times
And I,
I listen, to hear—
There it is!
Your name on the passive breeze
The roses may wilt
And the wine will slowly be drunk away
But I shall never forget what you were wearing
When you first said you loved me


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